Global Marketing Vice President, Shell

 Carol Chen established her skills across many different markets in the B2C domain while working in a series of diverse roles across two decades for Procter & Gamble. 

“My experience has given me the ability to understand a client’s frictions and then progress to delighting the customer. It’s something that’s been integrated in Oren. We’ve done around 350 interviews to truly understand our customers’ pain points and target what it is they’re actually looking for.” Chen believes that being on a continuous journey with your customers is a major form of collaboration. 

“We’ve worked extensively with IBM along with a host of mining companies and startups to bring this integrated solution together,” she says. “The rise of the digital experience transformed many business models in the B2C world. This inspiration is something I bring to Oren to ask: "How do we ensure we navigate the mission for our mining customers? How do we deliver the best experience possible for both buyer and seller? Because only then do you get to scale.