May 17, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About the New Caterpillar 994K Wheel Loader

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Caterpillar 994K Wheel Loader
Caterpillar Inc.(NYSE:CAT) has launched the newest addition to its repertoire, the massive 994K Wheel Loader. The wheel loader, which is Cats largest to...

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) has launched the newest addition to its repertoire, the massive 994K Wheel Loader. The wheel loader, which is Cat’s largest to date, features increased payload, versatility, power and productivity and a number of efficiency improvements.  

The new Cat 994K continues to impress with its enhanced range of applications. The giant machine offers an improved cooling package, added fuel tanks and new high performance buckets in a wide range of capacities for faster loading, high fill factors and increased material retention.

More improvements

Efficiency improvements include electronically controlled and hydraulically driven cooling system fans to keep operating costs down and a new engine air filtration system to deliver three times the life of the previous system.

According to Caterpillar, the new 994K is designed to make maintenance easier.

“The 994K is designed to keep service time to a minimum. Engine oil change intervals are 500 hours minimum, and all routine service points are conveniently located on the left side of the loader.”

Additional features include: Hydraulically driven auto lube handles linkage greasing, superior hydraulic filtration system, LED lights and an improved modular design to make field assembly and component replacements faster.

More power

Along with new and improved features, the Cat 994K boasts impressive size and power. The standard 994K can carry 40.8 tons per pass, with the high lift version able to move 38.1 tons per pass, approximately 18 and 20 percent more, respectively, than the previous models.

"The 994K loads mining trucks in the 250, 200 and 150 short ton classes in one less pass than the previous model. The high lift configuration is a six-pass match with the popular Cat 793 mining truck, and the high lift as well as the standard configuration loads the Cat 789 in five passes," Caterpillar said.

Caterpillar wasn’t messing around when it came to engine power. The Cat 3516E engine produces a net power of 1,739 horsepower (1297kW) and works through a Cat planetary powershift transmission specifically designed for mining applications. The integral Impeller Clutch Torque Converter and Rimpull Control System allow operators to precise adjust power at the wheels to specific loading conditions by modulating rimpull from 100 to 25 percent, which greatly reduces potential for tire slippage and diminished hydraulic capacity.

The new 994K is also equipped with Cat MineStar™ System capabilities along with detect object detection systems and proximity awareness systems.

The Caterpillar 994K Wheel Loader will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2016. 

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Jun 20, 2021

5 Mins With... Arun Narayanan, CDO, Anglo American

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Arun Narayanan, Group Chief Data Officer, Anglo American on VOXEL, the mining industry's first digital transformation platform for data-driven decisions

Arun Narayanan, Group Chief Data Officer, Anglo American, introduces VOXEL, the mining industry's first digital transformation platform for data-driven decisions...

What is VOXEL?

"VOXEL is the mining industry’s first digital transformation platform for data-driven decisions. It is the implementation of the Operating Model with machine learning and artificial intelligence. It encompasses the entire value chain for Anglo American and it helps us really move forward into the future. A platform built in the cloud... It is a very modern platform looking at all of the data that exists in our operations and trying to bring that all together is the first step."

How does VOXEL work?

"The data from digital twins, plus data coming in from our historians as well as geoscience data as well as external data is all pulled in into a modern, scalable infrastructure that we call the data lake. This data lake contains the data of our operations and presents the first opportunity for us to start to integrate things. As we begin to build these integrated models we are cleaning up the data. We are performing data management tasks at the lowest levels from data quality to the highest levels like data management. This cleaned-up information allows us to create data-rich applications... It gives us a great opportunity to leverage the advancements happening in the computer science industry to bring machine learning, artificial intelligence, burst capacity for our applications through cloud computing and much, much more."

What makes VOXEL different?

"The entire system, the entire value chain modelling, has been built specifically by us for mining as opposed to looking at other alternatives which are specifically targeted just to equipment or to other solutions. It looks at the full value chain, it takes in the deep expertise that sits in the T&S (Technical & Sustainability) organisation and the business units and it encapsulates that knowledge in the way these applications and these solutions are designed. It takes all of the digital twins that were built at individual steps of the value chain and pulls together almost a systematic digital twin of the full value chain - and that is really what sits at the heart of VOXEL."

How does VOXEL drive intellectual property and data ownership?

"We are taking a stand on data ownership. The data that we generate as part of our operations is an asset. It is our asset and we have to treat it as you would treat any other asset. We need to protect it, we need to make sure we are using it where it needs to be used and we need to make sure that we are getting the best return that we can get from that asset. And that is what the VOXELTM data programme sets out to do. It gives us a pathway to begin to claim ownership of that data and begin to use that data to drive the best decisions that we can – that we can get.

"The other aspect of this is intellectual property. Intellectual property in this system is owned almost entirely by Anglo American. We do work with industry-leading partners like Microsoft for the cloud solution and we buy other components where they are necessary but they are encapsulated away and the intelligence in the system is owned entirely by us. What that means for us from the scalability standpoint is that we can productise these solutions and deploy them at pace without incurring additional costs to all of our operations."

Arun Narayanan, Group Chief Data Officer, Anglo American


Arun Narayanan, Group Chief Data Officer, Anglo American


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