May 17, 2020

Whitehaven Coal orders Caterpillar EL3000 Longwall Shearer

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Whitehaven Coal orders Caterpillar EL3000 Longwall Shearer
Press release--Whitehaven Coals Narrabri North mine set new production records last year and subsequently ordered a second Cat® EL3000 Longwall Shea...

Press release--Whitehaven Coal’s Narrabri North mine set new production records last year and subsequently ordered a second Cat® EL3000 Longwall Shearer and a second Cat BSLPF6 Stage Loader for delivery in August this year. The mine, located in the Gunnedah Basin of New South Wales, Australia, set a weekly production record of 257,000 tons in June and a new quarterly production record in the final quarter of the year. The mine produced a total of 5.659 million tons in the year.

A Whitehaven production report summarized the longwall performance: “The longwall has been consistently producing coal at above the original design levels since production commenced in the second panel.” Full commercial production from the longwall started in October 2012, and production has increased steadily from that time. The EL3000 Shearer features a unique one-piece mainframe engineered to optimize productivity while ensuring reliability and durability. Ranging arms feature cast hinge points designed to handle higher cutting and haulage forces, such as 860-kW (1,380-hp) cutting forces with haulage capable of 32 m/min (105 ft/min) while cutting.

The new shearer and stage loader are scheduled to go into operation in Narrabri’s longwall block number 5, which is about 300 meters wide and will have an extraction height of 4.2 meters. Seam height is 8 to 10 meters, but Whitehaven determined that extending the longwall face—to as wide as 400 meters—will be more cost effective than would mining shorter face widths with longwall top coal caving techniques.

Both the first EL3000 Shearer and the new one are equipped with the Cat PMC Evo-S control system and advanced automation package. In 2014, Narrabri implemented full shearer automation, which boosted longwall productivity and horizon control. Utilization of full shearer automation—with no input from operators—is now exceeding 94 percent on average and is 95 to 100 percent except near gate ends.

Cat Advanced Automation Control uses state-based automation, which enables the shearer to operate precisely to the mining company’s defined production process, including direction of travel, speeds, arm height and ranging arm control modes. As many as 200 states are defined and specific actions and conditions must be met before the system enters the next state. The system is available as shearer automation only or as integrated longwall automation. The latter offers improved face alignment and horizon control, as experienced at Narrabri.

The greatest benefit to operators on the longwall face is the ability to stand clear of moving machinery and away from dust generation sources. The cutting process is consistent in speed and distance the shearer travels in and out of snakes—with no need to slow down to straighten or align the face as personnel control shields manually. Also, automatic horizon control delivers coal with less dilution from roof and floor material.

The new stage loader features Cat PF6 line pans, 42 mm power chain and a tensionable drive frame. Cat Slacktronic, the electronic chain slack sensor and control system, helps ensure reliable operation and long chain life.

WesTrac, the Cat dealer in the region, provides sales and product support services for Narrabri’s longwall operations.

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Jul 17, 2021

Coal India Secures First-Of-Its-Kind Digital Deal

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Coal India Limited has secured a new deal with Accenture Solutions to consult on enhancing mining performance and production through a digital endeavour

Coal India Limited (CIL) has appointed Accenture Solutions to digitally transform seven of its open-cast mines as the company strives to improve performance and increase coal production. Accenture is due to lay down digitalisation groundwork until March 2022.

The deal aims to increase coal production by 100 million tonnes (MT) by the end of FY’23. Once the minimum quantity has been surpassed, an agreed sum will be paid to the consultant for every additional sum of coal produced. This success fee will only be paid on the procurement of the minimum assured quantity. 

The move will see heavy earth moving machinery (HEMM) fitted with digital sensors to monitor performance efficiency at all levels. Additionally, modern data analytic techniques aim to increase mine productivity and project monitoring through functional system management and effective observation. 

An Exciting Venture For Global Mining

CIL, which aims to provide energy security in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner, hopes the move will help transform the entire business of mining operations and ensure higher volumes of coal are acquired at a lower cost. 

“This is a first of its kind initiative by the company utilising digitalisation to ramp up coal output,” CIL has said. 

A Digital Step Towards Enhanced Performance

Digitalisation is expected to take place at open-cast mines in Kusmunda, Gevra, Dipka of Southern Eastern Coalfields (SECL), Migahi, Jayant, Dudhichua, and Khadia of Northern Coalfields (NCL). Nearly 32% (188 MT) of CIL’s 596 MT output in FY’21 was accounted for by the seven selected mines. However, this new deal is set to see a large increase following the subsequent digital changes due to be made.  

“Learning from the outcome and success of this model, we may replicate it in our other large mines,” says CIL, optimistic about the future following the modernisation of their mining. 

It is expected that the move will help address roadblocks and guarantee corrective measures are put into place, ensuring the company is able to move forward with its aim of increasing output whilst remaining sustainable and eco-friendly.

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