General Manager Manufacturing Division

With experience spanning more than 20 years each specialising in manufacturing, mining and technology, both Siddharth Verma, General Manager Manufacturing Division and Andrew Mudford, Account Director, Hitachi Vantara both began their careers in 2000. 

“Hitachi Vantara is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd,” begins Verma, “with more than 110 years of industrial expertise, and 60 years of IT experience.”

“Our particular division is tasked with solutions across the IT spectrum, and a big part of that is trying to empower Hitachi's vision around social innovation and the digital connection of our physical world.,” said Mudford.

“Like many companies, we continue to evolve as a business and the key thing for us is that we have strong leadership driving our agenda around the modern connection of people, places and things to discover new insights that drive innovation. We are focused on the core tenets of data, and how you leverage that data to provide insights and value to customers, whether that’s at the underlying IT infrastructure level or targeted insight for specific industries or verticals such as manufacturing or mining.”

When it comes to their individual inspirations, Verma starts by saying “what inspires me in my current job and my career has been a continuous desire to improve the performance of the society that we work in and for the people who live in it.”

Echoing Verma’s comments, Mudford adds, “ultimately, for me, it’s solving people's problems. I know it's a bit of a cliche, but one of the reasons why most of us joined in the first place was we wanted to build, create, and drive change. Take that belief a step further. A lot of the reason why all of us joined IT and then joined Hitachi is that there are not too many companies across the globe that have a breadth of things that they do. Whether it's working with our own business units, or working with customers who drive success, you get a kick out of knowing that you've helped solve people's problems. An example of that is one of our lighthouse customers here in Australia. Our team helped them drive their productivity and it’s inspiring to  see their results and what we have been able to contribute.”


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