Jul 16, 2020

New Glazed Aluminum Door System from Insulgard Security Prod

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BRIGHTON, Mich., July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Insulgard Security Products™, the industry leader in architectural security products, has introduced the advanced new STORMDEFEND™ TTH350 Door system – the first glazed aluminum door system Certified by UL to meet critical standards for use in tornado and hurricane storm shelters mandated by the 2015 International Building Code.

The STORMDEFEND TTH350 door system has been Certified by UL to meet ICC 500-14 and FEMA P-361-15 requirements for use in tornado and hurricane safe rooms and shelters, including in the 250mph wind zone. A link to the listing can be found on the UL Online Certifications Directory. Key aspects of meeting ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361-15 include:

  • Testing of smallest and largest size single and pairs of doors including pressure, debris impact and cycling.
  • Testing of full assemblies including door, frame, glazing and hardware without substitution on both single and pairs of doors.
  • Mandatory certification/labeling by a nationally recognized testing laboratory which includes periodic quality inspection.

In addition, the TTH350 door system meets UL 752 levels 1-3 for bullet resistance.  

"UL is excited that Insulgard's fully glazed aluminum TTH350 door system has earned the UL Certification Mark to ICC 500-2014. Their TTH350 double door system is another example of some of the products UL certifies to rigorous hurricane and tornado storm shelter criteria that meet the requirements of the International Building Code as well as the FEMA P-361 guidelines," said Dave Stammen, UL's Building Envelope Principal Engineer.

Insulgard continues to be at the forefront of designing and testing innovative new products that meet the stringent requirements for use in tornado and hurricane shelters.  With the introduction of the new TTH350 door system, Insulgard is now able to offer a full line of architectural aluminum products meeting ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361.

As more states and municipalities adopt the 2015 or 2018 version of the International Building Code many new buildings, especially those in the 250mph wind zone, will include a tornado shelter.  Section 423.3 and 423.4 of the IBC-2015 requires any new K-12 school, emergency operation center, police station and fire rescue station built in the 250mph wind zone include a tornado safe room.  It also stipulates the storm shelters and all components used in the storm shelter meet ICC 500-2014.

In many cases, these storm shelters serve as dual-use facilities such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, classrooms or entire buildings.  With Insulgard's STORMDEFEND aluminum windows and doors, these safe rooms can blend with the rest of the building's architectural design.

"These buildings need to incorporate storm shelters but they don't need to look like concrete bunkers," said Gerry Sagerman, Sales Development for Insulgard.  "These are multimillion dollar buildings that house students and employees every other day of the year and when required, provide safety from the damaging winds and debris of an EF5 tornado or Category 5 hurricane.  These storm shelters must first and foremost provide shelter from the storm but they also need to be aesthetically pleasing from an architectural standpoint.  Our line of STORMDEFEND aluminum windows and our newly certified TTH350 aluminum doors help to offer architects this flexibility."

For more information on this product, please contact Insulgard Security Products at [email protected], 1-800-624-6315 or visit www.insulgard.com.

About Insulgard Security Products
Insulgard Security Products™ designs, manufactures and markets architectural security products and systems built to resist ballistic and severe weather events. The business' products are designed and manufactured to meet specific threat levels needed by the security industry including doors, windows, secure enclosures, glazing and framing. Insulgard Security Products' architectural security solutions blend with the environment to offer exceptional aesthetics. Products are rigorously tested to meet stringent government requirements. Insulgard Security Products is owned by Polymershapes, LLC, the industry-leading distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, and associated products, with 70+ years of industry-leading heritage.

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SOURCE Polymershapes LLC and Insulgard Security Products

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