Suricate Minerals ready to accelerate Mauritanian project pipeline in 2019
May 17, 2020
Daniel Brightmore

Suricate Minerals heralds 2019 as a milestone year for Mauritania project pipeline

Suricate Minerals
Mauritania-based mining and exploration company Suricate Minerals is making steady process mapping its permit sites with a view to accelerating its proj...

Mauritania-based mining and exploration company Suricate Minerals is making steady process mapping its permit sites with a view to accelerating its project pipeline in 2019.

The group’s current exploration campaign focuses on establishing a definitive resource size for deposits containing gold and copper, nickel, and cobalt. 

Suricate Minerals Executive Director Ahmed Hertani commented: “We are also continuing work on our quartz concessions, which contain high-grade quartz silica. 

“Our work revolves around exploration for gold and base metals in particular, such as copper, nickel, sulphate, and cobalt, as well as quartz concessions of high purity and quality. This is particularly for niche applications such as the engineering grade quartz stone, silicon metals, optical, and foundry industries.”

The privately-owned Mauritanian group’s primary permits are situated in Tasiast in north-west Mauritania, about 200 km from the Port of Nouadhibou, which are located over the mineral-rich Aouéouat greenstone belt of the Reguibat shield. 

Suricate Minerals has conducted considerable geophysical and geochemistry testing at various sites to date, with positive results verified by German materials testing and analysis company Dorfner Anzaplan.

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The Mauritanian Ministry of Oil, Energy and Mines said, at a recent mining investment seminar held in Nouakchott, that in order to create the conditions for optimal investment in Mauritania, the government has adopted a strategy to modernise and develop mineral resources via an incentive-based mining code, a favourable competitive environment, and the construction of basic infrastructure, coupled with an emphasis on good governance.

Hertani has cautioned that the cyclical nature of the mining economy has hampered the speed with which Suricate Minerals has been able to explore and develop its project sites. However, despite these challenges, it is committed to continuing work on its project pipeline.

“We are not just seeking any partners to assist in the development of our projects,” he said. “But partners that have a proven track record in the mineral resources sector, such as established mining houses, private equity firms, venture capitalists, global engineering firms, and project developers.”

One of the company's most promising prospects in Tasiast will seek to exploit the opportunities presented by the renewable energy sector. The tenement features high purity quartz, with around 99.99% pure silicon, a sufficiently pure metallurgical grade for solar-cell production.


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