May 17, 2020

5 reasons why you should be attending Mining Indaba 2017

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5 reasons why you should be attending Mining Indaba 2017
Investing in African Mining Indabais the worlds largest mining investment conference and the largest mining event in Africa.

Quite simply, it is an opp...

Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference and the largest mining event in Africa.

Quite simply, it is an opportunity for the world to connect with African mining.

The forum has been dedicated to the successful capitalisation and development of mining interests in Africa, bringing together investors, mining companies, governments and stakeholders the world over.

Here, we look at five reasons why you should be attending – from those who know it best:

Allan Mulligan, Managing Director, Walkabout Resources Ltd

When working in Africa, it is important to validate your efforts and the Company. Being at Mining Indaba, visible to the Governments of the countries one is working in and the Government of Australia, is an important element of that validation.

 I would say that our attendance at the Investing in African Mining Indaba is a significant/ intentional part of our business strategy.  It is one of only two “Must Attend” conferences for our Company.

We have been to the last 4 or 5 Indabas as Walkabout Resources, and have previously also been sponsors of the Australian Lounge.

 The event had become too much like a trade fair when it was originally intended to facilitate the connection of Governments and potential licence holders across Africa and also exposure of these parties to the international mining investment community. The revised focus on the original concept of Government, Investment and Operator will be good. The Mining Indaba is focussing much more on the Junior Exploration industry and introductions of this industry to the ever-important international mining investment community. We are very pleased to see the renewed effort to include the Junior sector into the proceedings and the associated cost saving initiatives.

Our most important outcomes have been to strengthen relations between the Company and the visiting Government delegations of the three African countries we are working in and of course, the relations with the Australian Heads of Mission that are pertinent to these Countries. 

 Our Company is embarking on a mine development project during 2017 and the exposure of our project to the international mining investment community is our paramount objective in 2017. This year we are taking the entire Board to the event. I will be most interested in the Investment Discovery Forum being held as a parallel event.

 Nola Kianza, President & CEO, Canadian Council on Africa

 The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) has partnered with Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada to coordinate the Canadian mining presence at the Investing in African Mining Indaba conference. The Canada Pavilion at Mining Indaba provides a platform for Canadian companies to meet, network and promote their projects at the largest mining conference in Africa.

 The development of natural resources is an important contributor to economic development in both Africa and Canada. The Canada Pavilion at Mining Indaba is a meeting place for participants to promote their company, projects and investment opportunities. Canada has been a premier sponsor at Mining Indaba since 2000. 

 Attendance at Mining Indaba has led to increased participation and a highly visible Canadian presence at the event. The program and networking opportunities at Mining Indaba have provided companies many opportunities to promote their business, investments, create partnerships, and learn about mining in Africa.

 2017 Mining Indaba has introduced new pricing incentives and targeted programming for mining companies and investors. This change has been met with a positive reaction from Canadian participants and has increased interest in joining the Canada Pavilion at Mining Indaba. The addition of new programming, specifically, the Investment Discovery Forum and the Sustainable Development Panels has allowed for increased networking opportunities for participants. 

 We again aim to showcase Canada as a global leader in sustainable resource development and to assist Africa-based companies to access Canadian expertise in mining exploration, environmental management, finance and technical services. In 2017, we are most looking forward to the networking and investment opportunities for participants.

 Trish O’Reilly, Chief Executive Officer, Australia-Africa Minerals & Energy Group

 I see the two key conferences for the Australian resources industry working in Africa as being the Africa Down Under Conference in Perth and Mining Indaba in Cape Town.  We actively support both conferences.

 Australia is a world leader in the resources sector.  We aim to promote the footprint of the Australian resources sector across Africa and facilitate discussions that support increased opportunities.  We also encourage increased dialogue between the private sector and governments.

 Mining Indaba provides the opportunity for key players in the resources sector, including investors, miners, service companies and governments to come together in one area and promote opportunities and learnings. Given the significant footprint of the Australian resources sector across Africa it is imperative that we attend Mining Indaba. AAMEG has been represented at Mining Indaba since our inception in late 2011.  

During Mining Indaba, we actively participate at events which increases our profile and the role we play in supporting the Australian resources sector to operate successfully in Africa and be partners of choice for African Governments.

It is positive in 2017 to see incentives to encourage investors and miners to attend. 

 The focus on sustainability is also a welcome addition and I would like to see this discussed over the course of the whole conference, not specifically on one day.  Such discussions are a welcome and necessary addition to a major mining conference and provide the opportunity to include additional participants.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to interrelate with members, potential members and interested parties and the sharing of information and learnings to continue positive engagement with the continent of Africa. 

 A spokesperson from ERG Africa

 Mining Indaba is different to other events.  All the relevant people in the industry are present from producers to traders, bankers and investors to suppliers or executives from large and small companies who want to do business or invest in Africa.  You don't get that at other events and not during this inspiring time of the year.

 We often find that people are working on their budgets towards the end of the previous year, in order to have them ready in time for February, so they can start talking to the investors they meet at the Mining Indaba.

 ERG Africa's ambition is to become a regional copper and cobalt champion by 2020 and as we are on more of a growth path Mining Indaba is an integral part of our business development activities. When you want to originate business, and meet investors, you have to be at Mining Indaba in Cape Town each February.

 The following individuals said this about how Investing in African Mining Indaba is part of their annual business strategy.  They have granted permission for these comments to be published.  

Answers provided by an executive at a large African contract mining company:

 Indaba is about Africa – we are in Africa; local knowledge of trends projection is important. Our participation began in 2009.  Indaba has become more ‘commercial’ – for the good – and better organised occasions for ‘one-on-one’ meetings. 

Although always under assessment and balanced against other gatherings, Mining Indaba remains part of the budgeting process, therefore, a conscious decision.

 Difficult to quantify the impact that attendance has had – it’s all about the products and people (setting aside the information sessions) which may be available/useful to us going forward.

 As in the past, our goals for 2017 are to renew personal contacts, be visible, see what is new and overall use to assess what could benefit us.  In 2017 I am most looking forward to putting the whole Group’s capabilities to the interested mining houses.


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May 10, 2021

Low carbon world needs $1.7trn in mining investment

battery metals
Wood Mackenzie
2 min
Mining companies need to invest $1.7trn in the next 15 years to supply enough copper, cobalt, nickel and the metals needed to create a low carbon world

According to a new report from consultancy Wood Mackenzie, mining companies need to invest nearly $1.7trn in the next 15 years to help supply enough copper, cobalt, nickel and other metals needed for the shift to a low carbon world.

Cutting carbon emissions

The United States, Britain, Japan, Canada and others raised their targets on cutting carbon emissions to halt global warming at a summit in April hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Meeting those targets will need large-scale deployment of electric vehicles, storage for power generated from renewables and electricity transmission, all of which require industrial materials, such as lightweight aluminium and metals used in batteries such as cobalt and lithium.

Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie analyst Julian Kettle calculated miners needed to invest about $1.7trn during the next 15 years to “deliver a two-degree pathway - where the rise in global temperatures since pre-industrial times is limited to 2°C”.

Wood Mackenzie

“At an industry level, there seems to be reticence around investing sufficient capital to develop future supply at the pace and scale demanded by the energy transition (ET),” he said.

Mining firms are wary of making heavy investments after their experience of the last decade when they invested in new capacity just as demand peaked, leading to a collapse in prices and revenues. They also need to please investors, who are unlikely to want to see dividends diverted to capital spending.


Rising demands of investors related environment, social and governance (ESG) issues further add to the challenge.

Australia, Canada and Western Europe carry a low ESG risk but some of the best resources are in high-risk areas, such as Democratic Republic of Congo, which sits on about half the world’s cobalt reserves according to the U.S. Geological Survey. “Given the need to meet tough decarbonisation and ESG targets, Western governments, lenders, investors and consumers will need to get comfortable operating in jurisdictions where ESG issues are more complex,” Kettle said.

Kettle said government support was needed to help miners comply with ESG issues to ensure production from high-risk areas was conducted in an acceptable way to consumers.

“Then, and only then, will the West be able to secure sufficient volumes of the raw materials needed to pursue the energy transition in the timescales envisaged.”

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions to enhance decarbonisation and support sustainability efforts in heavy industries like mining are being offered by Oren, a B2B marketplace conceived by Shell and IBM, and Axora.

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