May 17, 2020

Anglo American on Overcoming Adversity in a Struggling Market

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Minas-Rio project, Anglo American
In the midsts of a weak market, Anglo American is proving it has a strong chance of recovery in the next several years. With management looking towards...

In the midsts of a weak market, Anglo American is proving it has a strong chance of recovery in the next several years. With management looking towards a multiyear restructuring project to cut costs and boost returns by increasing efficiency, Anglo American has remained relevant, and a strong company in investors’ eyes.

Iron ore prices are weak, coal has been weak for several months, and the company’s platinum business has been hit with a major strike. However, the share price is within 10 percent of its 52-week high; the jump was caused by optimism regarding the long term potential of the current and future restructuring efforts.

The company is looking to achieve at least a 15 percent attributable return on capital employed by 2016, which will place Anglo American on sounder footing to deliver sustainable returns in the future.

As part of its restructuring plan, Anglo American is looking to reduce costs on a range of fronts, employ carefully phased expenditure on new projects, withdraw from some long-term future projects, and plan for exiting assets that cannot reach target returns.

Already, progress has been made in operational performances at Minas-Rio, a major project where the company’s new strategy is currently being implemented. Although this restructuring plan does not come without risks, this particular project remains on target to ship its first ore at the end of 2014, and within the expected capital budget.

Once the Minas-Rio project is completed, the company will have eased capital commitments and less pressure on free cash flow.

John Parker, chairman at Anglo American, commented that a large part of the continuing success of the restructuring plan deals with the relatively new members to the board of directors.

“I believe your current Board has the right mix of talent, with the appropriate bandwidth of skills and experience,” Parker said. “This extends beyond mining to encompass a range of fields, including major-project management, engineering, finance, healthcare, corporate leadership and global business experience.”

New members to the board include Jack Thompson, chairman of the Safety and Sustainable Development (S&SD) Committee; Byron Grote, Audit Committee; Dr Mphu Ramatlapeng, S&SD Committee; Jim Rutherford, S&SD Committee; and Judy Dlamini, director and member of the Audit Committee.

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Jun 18, 2021

Unmanned train to allow Vale to reopen iron ore plant

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Vale’s Timbopeba iron ore plant will be able to resume operations near the Xingu dam through the use of autonomous trains

Brazilian miner Vale SA will be able to resume operations at its Timbopeba iron ore dry processing plant in up to two months thanks to the use of an unmanned train, the company said in a statement this week.

Vale - Timbopeba iro ore plant

With the train, Timbopeba will be able to operate at least at 80% of its capacity of 33,000 tonnes of iron ore “fines” per day, reports Reuters.

Vale was forced to shut down the plant in the Alegria mine complex recently after labor authorities in Minas Gerais state banned activities close to the Xingu dam due to concerns of a risk of collapse.

Autonomous trains

Vale said access by workers and vehicles continues to be suspended in the flood zone of the dam due to the ban even though it remains at emergency level 2, which means there no imminent risk of rupture.

But some workers are allowed entry under strict security precautions and they will get the unmanned train going once it has been tested, which would take between one and two months, the company said.

The unmanned train will travel automatically along 16 kilometers (10 miles) of track operated by a system that can control the speed and activate the brakes, Vale said.

Vale announces first ore at Voisey’s Bay mine extension

Vale has reached the milestone of first ore production at the Reid Brook deposit at the Voisey’s Bay mine expansion project in Northern Labrador, Canada - recognised as the safest mine in Canada.

Vale Timbopeba


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