May 17, 2020

How-To: Optimize Drilling and Blast Effectiveness

Sandvik mining
Intelligent Sandvik Underground Rock Excavat
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How-To: Optimize Drilling and Blast Effectiveness
In the mining sector, drilling and blasting requires immense knowledge, experience and skill set. Its an art form that takes years to perfect.Mining ser...

In the mining sector, drilling and blasting requires immense knowledge, experience and skill set.  It’s an art form that takes years to perfect.

Mining services company Sandvik Mining has launched new software to optimize drilling and blasting, making it easier for miners to streamline the process.

The new software, Intelligent Sandvik Underground Rock Excavation iSure, offers mining companies guidelines for different stages of the mine site drilling and blasting process through a suite of tools designed to improve speed and efficiency.

“The software is unique and has the ability to advance mine tunneling on the African continent to a higher level. Not only does it guarantee smooth tunneling work, but it can specifically guide users on the different stages of the drilling and blasting pattern process to achieve the best possible results,” says Saltiel Pule, Sandvik's business line manager for underground drills.

iSure provides hole location accuracy to assist miners in reducing the need for scaling and better rock load ability and smoother collaring.

“iSure combines tunnel-line, theoretical pro-file design and drill-plan design, as well as data collection analysis. Rather than relying on less accurate traditional approaches, it provides users with tunneling patterns to be configured at the end of the round (when the success of blasts is critical). iSure also offers a project tree that combines all tunnel plans in one project and can include either one tunnel plan or several different plans,” Pule says.

The new software by Sandvik also introduces the company’s 400-series mining jumbos, including the DD421-60C drill rig, to provide operators with hard data to view blasting outcomes and make adjustments for the best outcome possible.

According to Pule, iSure has been released in South Korea, Switzerland and Sweden with significant results to improvements in tunneling performance.

“Technology like this truly has the ability to transform the industry and we believe it is our duty to ensure local mines adopt and embrace technology in order to remain competitive on the global stage.”

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May 4, 2021

Axora launches global challenge for digital technology

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Axora, the industrial B2B digital solutions marketplace, has launched 'The Axora Cost-Saving Technology Challenge' to discover game changing innovations

Axora is launching the world’s first international competition to discover new cost-saving digital technology for industrial companies, which can produce rapid benefits within a year.


The Metals & Mining and Oil & Gas sectors have recently experienced budget cuts of 20% on average, driven by a variety of factors including the global pandemic, slump in demand and price wars. The Axora Cost-Saving Technology Challenge aims to transform these industries by discovering innovative, digital solutions that reduce cost fast and pay for themselves, whilst achieving the same or improved productivity, health and safety and sustainability standards.

Digital Transformation

“While digital solutions can help to get work done quicker and more cost-effectively, they typically require a three-year ROI, and if there’s no flexibility in the budget, a full budget planning cycle is needed to get things moving”, said Dr. Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer, Axora.

“Yet, extra financial cost is often incurred in delaying digital projects, so customers have asked us to highlight solutions that can have an ‘in year payback’ whereby the cost spent on the solution and deployment will be more than recovered within the budget year - this accelerates the timeline and drives positive business impact, quickly.”

The Axora Cost-Saving Technology Challenge

Axora is keen to learn of any digital cost-saving innovation which: meets the 12-month payback timeframe; can be deployed in any part of the value chain including upstream, downstream or midstream oil and gas, metals processing or mining; and is ready for market. The Axora Cost-Saving Technology Challenge is open to entrepreneurs, start-ups, academics and sector leaders across the world. The competition will be judged by a panel of leading industry experts.

“We’re passionate about supporting our industries and customers through all forms of digital transformation and the cost-saving solutions we are searching for could also provide a lifeline to many mining and metals and oil and gas companies in the current economic climate,” added Dr. Mayhew.

Improving productivity, safety and sustainability

Up to ten finalists will be chosen to pitch their solutions at a digital pitch day later this year, after which Axora will validate the ROI models and vet the solutions. The winner will receive the ‘Axora Market Accelerator’ sales and marketing package worth £10,000. This includes a two-hour workshop, promotion through Axora’s thought leadership content and inclusion into its digital demand engines, providing the opportunity for the winning solution to benefit thousands of industrial companies. Entries are open until May 31. Full details of the competition including terms and conditions can be found here.

To learn more about the Axora B2B digital solutions marketplace read our feature in the latest issue of Mining Global magazine.

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