Apr 1, 2021

Top 10 issues transforming the future of mining

Daniel Brightmore
6 min
On the road to zero harm...

Safety, always central to mining, can be enhanced by new technologies and data. Wearable devices can provide protection and data, but an integrated approach to their use is needed. Safety analytics can predict potential harm and offer the means to prevent it.

COVID-19 has highlighted that it is essential to maintaining employee and community trust. As a result, companies are now going beyond putting robust internal controls in place and are investing in intensive training. Many are also taking steps to move workers out of harm’s way through the accelerated rollout of automation and robotics solutions.

To move the dial on safety outcomes, however, the industry should embrace a new generation of integrated and predictive systems. The spread of COVID-19 may have smoothed the way for wearables by making people more comfortable with tracking and tracing mechanisms.

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