Dec 14, 2020

Top 10 Mining Projects to watch in 2021

Dominic Ellis
8 min
Top 10 Mining Projects in 2021
Mining Global presents a list of 10 mining projects from around the world that will be of major interest to the international mining sector...

There should be a more favourable environment in 2021 for miners and metal producers as almost all mineral and metal prices, except iron ore, are expected to average higher prices in the coming year on a year-on-year basis, according to forecasts in a Fitch Ratings report

While metal prices made an impressive recovery over Q4 2020, following a significant drop recorded at the beginning of the year, the Fitch report notes that prices will still average lower on a y-o-y basis in 2020. 

In 2021 however, prices are expected to be supported by a broader and deeper global economic recovery, as COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out. Access to vaccines will also help reduce the disruption to operations that has been seen across key mining countries around the world this year.

Following significant disruptions this year off the back of government-imposed restrictions and strict health and safety protocols, mining and metal operations are expected to improve in 2021, the report states.

Keeping the anticipated increase in productivity in mind, here are 10 mining projects around the world that the sector should keep a close eye on:

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