Nov 27, 2020

Top 10 Women in Mining

Dominic Ellis
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Top 10 Women in Mining
Mining Global profiles 10 women making a difference to the global mining industry through their leadership, advocacy and abilities...

Founded in 2006, Women in Mining is an advocacy group that promotes the employment, retention, and progress of women in the mining industry. The organisation aims to be an advocate for women in the mining sector, informing industry participants and decision-makers of the challenges and opportunities women are finding when pursuing careers in mining companies and related businesses.

Leveraging partnerships with leading mining companies and other industry participants, WIM aims to push the business case for diversity, inclusion, and the economic advancement of women in the sector. One of their key initiatives is the biennial ‘100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining’, a list that highlights the diversity of talent in mining and celebrates inspirational women and their stories across all roles and seniority.

Initiatives such as this are important with women filling less than one-fifth of leadership roles across global mining companies, according to a recently released S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis of executives and board members.

Gender diversity has increasingly been a focus for investors screening for environmental, social and governance factors, and has long been a challenge for the mining sector. Women make up just 14.9 percent of mining companies’ executive ranks, 18.1 percent of the industry’s board positions, and just 13.2 percent of the sector’s C-suite executive roles, according to analysis of company data, the S&P report says.

Data shows that while the Latin American and Caribbean regions have lower rates of women working in the top positions in the mining sector, African mining companies rank amongst the highest for women working executive positions broadly, and on company boards and at C-suite level.

Conversely, women fill only about 12.9 percent of C-suite positions in Europe, while in the US and Canada, they occupy just 11.5 percent of C-suite roles. However, they are more likely to have better representation in executive roles more broadly, and on company boards – despite 21.5 percent of mining company board members being women in the US and Canada region.

Mining Global presents 10 women leaders in the global mining industry who are shaping the way the industry moves forward, while also providing inspiration to other women about the opportunities for success in this challenging and demanding sector. All 10 women have been chosen from the 2020 edition of the ‘100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining’ list from WIM (click here).  

BizClik Media Group is proud to launch its first Top 100 list campaign - focusing on influential women working in Supply Chain, FinTech and Technology sectors, and will be an annual celebration published on International Women’s Day, March 8 2021. 

The list will recognise the leading roles played by women in these global industries, which have proved increasingly important during the accelerated digital transformation caused by Covid-19. Input your nominations via the Top 100 Women landing page.

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