Nov 27, 2020

Top 10 Women in Mining

Dominic Ellis
9 min
Top 10 Women in Mining
Serpil Demirel...

Metallurgical engineer Serpil Demirel first began her career in the mining industry in sales, and gradually moved up the corporate ladder into leadership roles. 

The Esan CEO is known for her focus on developing company culture and shaping that culture to meet the changing needs of both the company and the broader business environment.

Since her appointment as CEO, Demirel has focused on preparing the company for the future – profitable growth, sustainability, digital transformation, research and development and innovation are particularly high on her agenda. 

Furthermore, she also is keen to ensure that women feel welcome at Esan and has tailored recruitment and workplace policies in support of her ambitions to turn the company into a diverse, forward-looking entity. As a result, Esan currently has the highest percentage of female employees across the entire Turkish mining industry.

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