May 19, 2020

Introduction to Royal Gold Online (English)

Bizclik Editor
Website: Royal Gold, a highly credible gold investment brand with excellent reputation in its industry is a fully owned corporate by Malaysian royalty. Over the year, Royal Gold has built its fame one brick at a time with its exceptional service and astute investment management for its clients. Royal Gold has always been committed in providing top quality service to the community. We are the name constantly affiliated with honest and reliable business relationships in our road to success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, Royal Gold believes in long term business partnerships. Royal Gold is a premier gold bullion company which has introduced an innovative gold trading in the midst of traditional goldsmith business from a heartland traditional goldsmith business. The Company believes that the traditional goldsmith trading is inherently unfair to gold buyers, henceforth Royal Gold intends to share some of its profits with buyers as a token of appreciation for their support and also to encourage more Malaysians to conserve gold as a form of savings in view of the weakening purchasing power of paper currency. Royal Gold provides business opportunities to its associates and customers. It provides an innovative new concept of gold trading by being the best company in supplying gold and one-of-a-kind services to generate superior value for the customers, partners and employees. As a leading gold bullion trading and investment corporation, Royal Gold is supported by a specialized team with a vast 15 years experience to perform gold hedging in the FOREX market. Royal Gold phenomenal business growth is also within the parameters and framework of the Rules and Regulations governing businesses of this nature and it has now become one of the most established gold bullion companies in the region, with a global expansion plan in the pipeline. With its finger on the pulse of the industry, Royal Gold is pleased to introduce alternative trade commodities for public. You no longer need to trade gold indirectly (e.g. mutual funds that trade in Gold). We now allow the "easiest solution" for public trading of gold. Our new business platform allows our partners to create business opportunity not only nationwide, but worldwide. The latest development in Royal Gold conveniently enables online gold purchase or trading via our advance e-commerce website, as well as be an integral part of royalty business just by signing up for membership at a simple click of the button. Concurrently Royal Gold is also the main sponsor for ShareLinkz at Samsung Smart TV, an amazing hot new application that features KTV software, watch news and various informative materials such as educational programs, travelling and elements on life. With our establishment further augmented by the recent development, Royal Gold is quietly confident in breeding sustainability and consistent business growth in the foreseeable future. For rapid yet reliable gold trading, Rold Gold is indeed second to none in the rich Malaysian market.

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