May 17, 2020

For the love of the game: De Beers Consolidated Mines awarded for its conservation efforts

Dale Benton
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For the love of the game: De Beers Consolidated Mines awarded for its conservation efforts
De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) has won the Wildlife Ranching SA award for ‘Biodiversity and Social Responsibility’, in recognition of its approa...

De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) has won the Wildlife Ranching SA award for ‘Biodiversity and Social Responsibility’, in recognition of its approach to ecological management, De Beers Group announced today.

The company picked up the accolade for its approach to ecological management at four private game reserves it runs in the Northern Cape and Limpopo Provinces.

Judges singled out DBCM’s “disciplined approach” as being “best-in-class in the industry” and referenced the success of its sustainable wildlife management practices and promotion of wildlife tourism.

De Beers Wildlife, a part of DBCM, manages around 67,000 hectares of land in the Kimberley area of the Northern Cape.

It began to introduce a variety of species, including elephants, hippopotamus and crocodiles, at its ranches in the early 1970s and was one of the first breeders of disease-free buffalo in South Africa.

It also safeguards more than 35 species on its sites that are classed as either endangered, threatened or protected, and hosts viable populations of sable, roan and tsessebe antelope.

Piet Oosthuizen, Senior Manager, Ecology and DBCM Properties, said: “As a company, we have had a strong focus on biodiversity management for many years. For every hectare of land affected by our mining activities, De Beers Group manages five times that amount for conservation.

“Managing game animals is a privilege and we make sure we do so in a manner that contributes value to the ecosystem without losing sight of the responsibility this brings with it.”

De Beers Wildlife is also involved in various conservation-related youth programmes, including providing post-school training, in partnership with the Northern Cape Nature Academy, to support students who want a future in the game industry.


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Jun 18, 2021

Anglo American offers eDNA data to protect biodiversity

Anglo American
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Anglo American has become the first mining company to share its data in the eBioAtlas; a project to protect biodiversity using DNA technology

Anglo American is the first mining company to work with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and NatureMetrics by sharing its eDNA data to support the eBioAtlas programme; an initiative to combat extinction by using DNA technology to create a global atlas of the state of life in rivers and wetlands of world importance.

What is the eBioAtlas?

eBioAtlas is an ambitious partnership between NatureMetrics and IUCN to rapidly create a global atlas of life in the world’s largest river basins and wetlands using cutting-edge eDNA technology. It will provide a comprehensive picture of freshwater species in each location, mobilising local stakeholders and citizen scientists to fill in critical knowledge gaps to support conservation efforts and inform global policy to reverse the loss of biodiversity.

Anglo American is supporting the environment beyond life of mine

“eDNA analysis enhances the way we evaluate risk and meet – or even exceed – environmental regulations, track progress towards biodiversity targets, and reduce monitoring cost and efforts," said Anglo American's Biodiversity Principal, Warwick Mostert. "Anglo American strongly supports the eBioAtlas initiative and looks forward to working with its partners and collaborators to deliver this programme.

“When a mine is in full operation, it will become a key part of the ongoing monitoring and evaluation in terms of our biodiversity performance. When we start to get to the point where an operation is coming to closure, it will allow us to make sure the work has been done and we can meet our objective of restoring an environment to better than its pre-mining state.”

Who are NatureMetrics?

NatureMetrics is an award-winning technology start-up using cutting-edge genetic techniques to monitor biodiversity. We can uncover multiple species from complex environmental samples in low-cost and repeatable ways. By surveying everything from bats to bacteria, we help understanding of how to protect and build natural capital through activities such as farming, energy generation and forestry.

Introducing eBioAtlas

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