Mar 19, 2021

Top 10 gold producing countries

Daniel Brightmore
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The world output of gold in 2019 has been analysed by London based mining and metals consultants Metals Focus and the World Gold Council...

World output of gold in 2019 showed its first decline in a decade, falling by 28 metric tonnes to 3,533 tonnes (or 113.6 million troy ounces). The decline followed consistent growth in primary gold production - 730 tonnes or 23.5m ounces since 2010, according to analysis London-based mining and metals consultants Metals Focus and the World Gold Council

China is in danger of losing its no 1 ranking over the next few years – the country lost 20 tonnes of production while Russia added 34 tonnes or 1.1m ounces in a single year, shrinking the gap to 53.7 tonnes. 

Russia overtook Australia in 2019 to take the number two spot, but the country also has an ambitious pipeline of new projects and like Russia, covid-19 did not impact production or project development significantly in 2020. 

South Africa ranked number one in the world for a century before losing the top spot to China in 2007.

At its peak in the late 1960s, the gold fields of South Africa produced more than 1,000 tonnes, double the output of the rest of the world combined. Last year the country’s output fell to 130 tonnes, giving up its crown as top producer on the continent to Ghana.

All production totals for 2019 in this top ten are listed in troy ounces

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